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  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.

Staff List

Position Name Email Phone Website
Principal & COVID Site Supervisor Blauser, Vince 253-571-5380  
Nest Teacher Barbieto, Jeana 253-571-5391  
Cook Billgren, Tammy 253-571-5419  
Nest ParaEducator Brownlee, Randi 253-571-5391  
2nd Grade Teacher Bye, Laura 253-571-5382 Website 
Librarian Chichinski, Judy 253-571-5410  
3rd Grade Teacher Cruz, Elizabeth 253-571-5385 Website 
KE Teacher Dail, Alex 253-571-5414 Website 
5th Grade Teacher Derbes, Brian 253-571-5407  
Occupational Therapy Draper, Christina 253-571-5384 Website 
Health Clerk Effinger, Wanda 253-571-5421  
Dance Teacher Englebright, Krissa 253-571-5375 Website 
Kitchen Cashier Fitzsimmons, Breanne 253-571-5419  
Instructional Coach Flores, Mackenzie 253-571-5420  
Nurse Fox, Penny 253-571-5421  
Counselor Francesconi, Bret 253-571-5388  
Office Coordinator Ganahl, Lynn 253-571-5416  
1st Grade Teacher Gasparach, Kaylin 253-571-5376  
1st Grade Teacher Grote, Sue 253-571-5426 Website 
3rd Grade Teacher Hartman, Lori 253-571-5386  
Kindergarten Teacher Hedwall, Theresa 253-571-5423  
Attendance & Enrollment Secretary Helms, Janice 253-571-5413 Website
2nd Grade Teacher Hicker, Robert RHICKER@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-5381  
Psychologist Hollan, Melissa 253-571-5418  
ParaEducator Houkom, Rachel 253-571-5411  
5th Grade Teacher Hungria, Miguel 253-571-5405  
Music Teacher Hutchinson, Heather 253-571-5401 Website 
4th Grade Teacher Johnson, Bryan 253-571-5406  
Speech Langer, Laura 253-571-5429  
Kindergarten Teacher Malonzo, Erlita 253-571-5417 Website 
Art Teacher Newton, Eileen 253-571-5395 Website 
Occupational Therapist Assistant Olsen, Trina 253-571-5384  
Chief Custodian Petrov. Nikolay 253-571-5398  
NEST Paraeducator Phippen, Summer 253-571-5391  
LRC Ralph, Peter 253-571-5422  
4th Grade Teacher Rapkoch, Maggie 253-571-5385  
1st Grade Teacher Sand, Erin 253-571-5415 Website 
LAP Teacher Shamp, Autumn 253-571-5384 Website 
Custodian Shevchuk, Andrey 253-571-5398  
Paraeducator Skager, Theresa 253-571-5391  
Kindergarten Teacher Westcott, Deka 253-571-5428  
2nd Grade Teacher Winfrey, Joyce 253-571-5383  
Physical Therapist Yoshikawa, Teri Lynn 253-571-5377 Website